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The interior of these beautiful homes is often even more spectacular than the exterior of the house. The house has a wonderful appearance due to the extensive use of wood. The whole house has a very clean look due to its large windows and the very bright interior.

You enter into a spacious living room and kitchen. It is equipped with all amenities! There is a nice dining table and the kitchen has a stove, sink, fridge, freezer and cupboards. In the bedroom, there is a king-size bed! The great thing is that this room is very spacious and does not feel suffocating. Everything looks very luxurious and is beautifully finished. At the end of the house, you will find the bathroom with a lovely shower, toilet and separate sink. You also have a copper outdoor shower.

Nearly the entire tiny house runs on solar energy. This is ideal as the house is self-sufficient. Besides it being great for your wallet (you can save a lot of money), it is also good for the environment. Such adjustments will significantly reduce your ecological footprint.

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